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Bass are structure related creatures. If you can't seem to find the fish, do what we do - pretend you ARE the fish! Look carefully at your surroundings. What structures do you see? Search for wood, grass, vegetation, rock, corners, bridges, pilings, creek channels, points and docks. All of these are wonderful places to hunt for the big one. If you were a bass, where would you like to hide behind in anticipation of your next easy meal?

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When feeding, fish face into the current but like to hide behind a structure to break the current. This way they can look for their next meal without having to swim as hard. A bass likes to wait in ambush - when a baitfish swims by he will dart out, grab his meal and swim back to cover. Find your structure and fish into the same current, whether it is tidal (in and out) or it flows (such as in the mountains, moving the same direction all the time.)

When the wind is blowing, plankton are carried toward the bank or cover, with the food chain following not far behind. Use this to your advantage, looking for strike zones against the windy bank. You will find bass where the baitfish are.

Remember, bass are predatory and strike abnormal patterns. Try changing the speed and sound of your lure, or bounce it off of a structure.

If you are fishing structures, try your hand at flipping and pitching.