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Build a Reflector Oven

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Imagine having your own oven outdoors! The next time you go camping, build yourself a campfire reflector oven and enjoy baking from home with the smoked flavor of camping.

  • Before you light your fire, place four rocks of the same size on each corner of the fire. Place a grate over the four rocks. You can use cake, refrigerator or grill racks.

  • You will be using three aluminum roasting pans for the reflectors. One will be the back while the other two are the sides. Poke two holes on the right side of a pan, two holes on the left side of a pan, and two holes on both the left and right sides of the final back pan. Wire the pans so the one with four holes is the back plate and has an attached pan on either side of it. Leave the wire loose so you can maneuver the pans to any direction you wish. Your oven walls look like a square with one side missing. (A quick reflector oven can be made with two sticks and heavy duty foil wrapped between them.)

  • Wrap the oven around three sides of the fire. If there is a breeze, place the back of the oven against the breeze. Use rocks to hold the oven sides in place against the fire.

  • Cook your food directly on the grill, in a pan or pot, or even on foil - all on top of your rack.

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