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Make a Camp Shower

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No showers where you are camping?  Make your own!  This is a fun project for the kids and will keep them entertained during your outing.  Before you go camping, purchase an umbrella with a blunt tip and two shower curtains that you can't see through.  Then go to a hardware store and buy a chemical type sprayer.  It has to be unused, of course.  This is the type of can that you pump, which forces spray through a hose.  Get yourself a long rope for the outside shower as well.

When you are camping, find a nice shower area that is on low ground and away from your camping supplies and tent.  Throw one end of the rope over a sturdy branch and secure it.  Tie one end to your umbrella handle so the umbrella is hanging upside down.  Open the umbrella and begin hooking the shower curtains on the tips of the umbrella.  Once you are done, you will have an upside down umbrella with one or two shower curtains attached all the way around it.

Raise your new shower high enough for you to fit under it.  Now hose yourself down with the sprayer, soap up and rinse.  You won't believe how amazing it will feel to get the camping dirt off of you!

For a different twist on the same shower, omit the sprayer to lighten your gear.  Poke holes in the umbrella with an ice pick.  When the umbrella shower is raised, pour water inside the umbrella.  This is just as fun for the kids, and gives you a bit more water stream.  Happy Clean Camping!

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