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Looking for a camping, boy scout or fishing Myspace layout?  Then you have come to the right place!

Camping, Fishing and Boy Scout Myspace Layouts





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Fishing and camping.  To some, these words are completely foreign.  But to others, they are music to the ears.  Whether you are a seasoned camper, an old wind-chapped fisherman or a complete novice... we welcome you to our great outdoors!

Fishing this summer?  Catch our warm water fishing tips!

How to Wash Dishes at your Camp Site

The girl scouts and boy scouts know how to camp. And after years of experience, they REALLY know how to wash dishes while camping. The secret is in the dunk bag!

Learn how to wash dishes the easy way while you are camping

Build a Campfire in your own Backyard!

Love the experience of a campfire, but lack the time to go camping?  Fire pits are an inexpensive way to bring a little bit of the "camping outdoors" to your own backyard.  Plan a party or keep your fire pit to you and your family - but be sure to have plenty of marshmallows to go around!  Read more about Fire Pits.

A Tent Feature We Would Love To See

Field and Stream recently reviewed a Paha Que Promontory Tent that came with a "Firefly Light System."  A what?  Reading through the favorable review, we found this tent has LED lights wired in the dome, powered by a rechargeable power pack.  According to the magazine, the lights were surprisingly effective and added little weight to the tent.

The cost of this beauty?  Just a tiny bit over our budget at $450.  We hope that a new trend will begin, adding LED lights to lower cost models.  These lights are a fantastic idea and would benefit most campers.  Just remember to close the flaps before you change!