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Dunk Bags: The Ultimate Way to Wash Camp Dishes

The girl scouts and boy scouts know how to camp. And after years of experience, they REALLY know how to wash dishes while camping. The secret is in the dunk bag!

To make a dunk bag, purchase a nylon mesh bag with either a zipper or tie. Then pick up a small clothesline or rope and clothespins. If you don't already have your dishes, buy forks/knives/spoons, plastic cups, plates and bowls. Finally, you will need three dishpans, bleach and dish detergent.

wash dishes while camping

Fill each dunk bag with a plate, cup, bowl and utensils. If you are camping with a family or group, number each item as it goes in the bag. All number one's go in one bag, all number two's in another and so forth. On the camping trip, assign each person a bag number to use for that trip.

After each meal, fill three dishpans with water. Then add liquid detergent to one bin, bleach to the other and leave the final bin clear water. Each camper then washes their dishes in the detergent water, then moves them to the bleach water and finally the clear water.

All wet dishes go back in the bag, which are then hung on a line outside.

make dunk bags

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